PMAs are the roots of US Social Forum:

Peoples Movement Assemblies (PMAs) from coast to coast are rooting local and regional power and building momentum towards national movement convergences in 2015.  For the first time in 2015, the US Social Forum will happen at multiple sites across the country – Philadelphia, Jackson, and San Jose with satellite sites in Canada and Mexico.  Local and regional PMAs at each of these sites will fuel outreach and education efforts and form the networks that will bring thousands of people to each of the 2015 social forum sites.


PMAs are foundational to accomplishing the US Social Forum strategic goal of moving toward political alignment and movement cohesion to transform society and protect the earth. Some related to the

Movement Schools

Movement schools are the next step in the US Social Forum process to deepen and broaden our collective understanding of how we can contribute to movement building in the current moment.

Outreach Working Group

Outreach is focused on connecting with various fronts of struggle and movements to support local and regional organizing and assembly processes and recruit participation in the USSF process.